COVID-19 Economic Recovery

Employees and small business folks have been hurt during these difficult times. Governments will have shortfalls in budgets from lost tax revenue. Investments and savings have evaporated from many households. With so many economic challenges it is important having a representative that understands small business, budgets, fiscal spending, and most of all compassion for the working-class people of Southern Arizona. As a small business owner with 25 years of experience, I understand how to create jobs, motivate economic activity, and prioritize actionable spending that helps average people. This will be the single biggest priority for our country over the next few years.

Medical Professionals

Trust our Medical Professionals

We have almost completely shut off medical services for any other admittance that isn’t Coronavirus related. Think about that for a minute. The group of people most educated and able to decide what is safe and prepared for keeping their staff and patients guarded have been told that their judgment is not sufficient. Bureaucrats are telling our medical professionals what is essential. The people who have dedicated their lives to healing are being ignored and in some instances furloughed. These same policymakers have decreed that a majority of medical professionals need to sit home idle, unable to do the jobs that America needs them to do.


It is time we allow medical offices to open in areas not burdened by a heavy load of Coronavirus cases. Where a supply of proper medical supplies like masks, testing equipment, and protective wear can be guaranteed, medical professionals need to be put back to work. They need to be allowed to exercise medical judgment in their area of expertise, free from undue and stifling regulation that focuses on national rather regional and local concerns. They know what they are doing, we need to allow them to do this and give them the assistance they need to keep America healthy.

American Business

Trust American Business

Throughout the struggle with the initial infection, American business has stood out as the hero. Medical supply chains depend upon a rescue raft of businesses often overlooked in media coverage and political discussions. These industries and individual people have performed and performed heroically. Often working long hard hours as wave after wave of government regulations put unneeded barriers in front of them.

The engine that drives America is tremendous, from large, multinational corporations to single person proprietorships like a single self-employed truck driver. All have been instrumental in supplying our needs throughout the COVID19 emergency, often with little or no recognition. Many have significantly changed their products and production, often at a financial loss to cover the needs of the larger community, largely without specific direction of government.

And yet, millions upon millions of American workers are now unemployed. People who want and need to work, have now been sidelined with no timeline for when they will be able to return.

This needs to change.

Government needs to now get out of the way and let the free market find the quickest, safest way to put all of these people to work, preferably back into the private sector with the companies that they enjoyed working for previously. This requires politicians to stop playing games and to fully fund the Paycheck Protection Program without conditions. We’ve already seen how the CARES Act aided vanity projects like the Kennedy Center or $9 million to Harvard University who is sitting on a $41 BILLION dollar endowment. Approving the PPP needs to happen now without stalemating from politicians who are still getting paid like Schumer and Pelosi.

American Workers

Trust the American Worker

No worker in the United States is non-essential. If you work hard to put food on your family’s table and pay your bills, it’s an insult to call that work non-essential.

I’m sure most Americans consider the paycheck they get to feed themselves and their family as essential, needed, and mandatory. Small businesses are the backbone of every aspect of American commerce, and the public sector worker should never be prioritized over the people who are taxed so that the public employee exists.

Any sacrifice required of the American worker should also be required of governmental agencies. It is too much of a burden for each American to suffer severe financial setbacks then be required to have to pay government workers, including Congress, their full salaries. This works as a hedge to keep the government from imposing draconian employment restrictions. I’m calling on Congress to refuse their own pay until the economy re-opens.
If all of us are in this together, equally, then government bureaucrats and politicians should forego their pay alongside the nearly 20 million Americans that have lost jobs.

Trust the American People

Ultimately the American people will have their say, but right now the Government needs to work for the people, and expedite to create a plan to get America working again. This can happen, even with extra concern directed towards caring for the most vulnerable among us. At every opportunity, our elected officials should be seeking a way to reconcile disease mitigation with the economy and not the other way around.

Politicians using this crisis as an opportunity to demagogue and to “take hostages” for their political priorities need to be called out, then replaced. News organizations seeking to stoke fears unnecessarily to further an agenda disconnected from the actual crisis need to be highlighted and discredited. The Mainstream Media needs to stop gaslighting and finding new “woke” issues to generate money and clicks. Start acting responsibly again.
Any public official found using the power of government to frivolously hold back people from safely and effectively doing the jobs that America needs doing needs to be removed.
America will continue to be kind, compassionate, careful, and considerate of those who are in danger. They have risen to the challenge whenever it has been required. It is time for the government to offer them help rather than resistance in putting things right. Give people accurate information, free up the resources that already belong to the people, and most importantly, when the government cannot help, they need to get out of the way.