CD2 Candidate Ruden Calls On Pima GOP To Open Debates To Public And Press

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Congressional District 2 Candidate Noran Eric Ruden Calls For Pima County GOP To Open Forums To Everyone Including Press

Noran Eric Ruden Congressional District 2 candidate calls for the Pima County GOP open all future forums and debates to both the public and the press.

Said Ruden, “It is crucial that Arizona Congressional District 2 (CD2) voters have exposure to the candidates, their ideas, and their positions. To ensure this, it is essential that the process of debates and forums be opened to anyone who wants to attend, including the local press.

If providing a physical location for larger inclusion is an issue for the Pima County GOP, I would offer to work with the other candidates within the CD2 race in assisting to ensure that the local Republican Party has the resources necessary to open it’s events up to everyone.

Each Republican candidate in the CD2 race has campaigned highlighting the rights enshrined in the Constitution. This includes the Right to Free Speech which guarantees a free press. These rights are paramount and essential, even if the result isn’t always favorable press coverage.”

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